What does “APR” mean on payday loans and credit cards online?


Some life situation may cause you to borrow funds to meet an urgent need. There are many sources you can borrow money from, and most, if not all, will be charged against the borrowed money. Online Payday Loans are no exception.

Lenders earn their income from fees plus interest paid in addition to the principal borrowed.

When you borrow, it’s good to know the repayment terms, including the grace period, interest, default penalties, and other fees that can add up. We’ll help you understand what the APR means and how it can be used to determine interest on payday loans and credit cards online.

Definition of APR

APR stands for Annual Percentage Rate. Officially, this is the rate that will help you determine the cost of borrowing from a bank, online payday loan companies, other financial institutions, and even when using your credit card.

Usually, interest rate and APR are used interchangeably, but they are a little different. The APR is the aggregate of the interest rate and all other charges charged to the cash advance. It helps determine the total cost of the loan.

How do you use APR?

Before making a decision on the best option when borrowing, the APR is a key guide. Literally, the higher the APR, the more expensive the loan. Since the APR is expressed as a percentage of the loan, an APR of 12% is better than an APR of 17%. However, you should always read and understand the terms and conditions before making a decision.

The APR has limits insofar as it only takes into account compulsory charges. It does not include charges such as late payment fines, over credit limit or payment protection.

APR classification

Knowing the type of APR that applies to your loan is essential. There are a number of ways that online payday loan and credit card lenders can implement APR.

Variable APR

This is an APR that changes over time. An increase or decrease in the rate usually depends on the levels of PRA in the area. This can become an advantage if the APR is lowered later, but an increase in the APR will mainly be the result of penalties. You need to take into account the variation of the APR, especially if you are applying for payday loans online without a job. The possibility of default on payment when due is high and can increase the overall cost.

Fixed APR

This is a case where the rates are fixed, and as a borrower you will have all the information in advance. You will get a predetermined rate that does not fluctuate upon receipt and upon repayment of the loan. The only limit of the fixed APR is that you will not benefit from lower rates when the market changes.

Multiple APR

Online payday loans and credit cards can have different APRs for different transactions. Credit cards, in most cases, use multiple APRs. For example, the rates for a cash advance when you withdraw from an ATM may be higher than for a balance transfer or for your regular line of credit.

TAEG representative

This is the advertised rate that applicants will get in the deal. However, not all are eligible for the advertised rate. This means that even if you get the approval, the online payday loan places or the credit card provider can still charge more.

Personal APR

This is the actual APR rate given to you. The given APR may be ad-compliant or higher depending on individual eligibility.

Online payday loan companies decide your credit rate and the financial information you provide when applying for a loan.

How the credit card APR is determined

Some of the factors that credit card companies use to determine the APR are:

Your individual credit history

The higher the credit score, the lower the APR. Some credit cards may offer a variable APR depending on the borrower’s credit history.

Preferential rate

Since most credit card companies are subject to Federal Reserve regulation, they must adhere to set interest rates. This condition may not apply to credit cards with a fixed APR, which does not change when prime rates change.

The credit card itself

Different credit cards have different features; the same goes for the APR. Some credit card companies will offer a lower APR than others. Reward credit cards, since they offer more value, may have a higher APR.

The above factors will also play an important role when determining the fees when applying through the online payday loan application.

Determine the APR for Payday Loans Online

First of all, you will need to have information on the following three things:

Amount of money you are eligible to borrow

Finance charges – the amount the credit will cost

Duration of the loan (repayment period)

Express this mathematically

Suppose you borrow $ 400 at finance charge of $ 60 with a repayment period of 14 days.

Step 1 – Divide finance charges ($ 60) by the amount you receive ($ 400) = 0.15

Step 2 – Multiply the answer (0.15) by the number of days in the year (365) = 54.75

Step 3 – Divide the answer (54.75) by the loan term (14 days) = 3.91071

Step 4 – Multiply the answer (3.91071) by 100 or just move the decimal to the two correct places and add a percent sign = 391.071%. Since APR has only two decimal places, round our answer to 391.07%


Even though borrowing through payday loans is the subject of criticism and can seem like an expensive affair, not everything qualifies for loans. Many platforms offer same day payday loans online, so you can avoid all the paperwork at other lending institutions. Most payday loan companies have an online payday loan application. The application will allow you to comfortably apply for a loan at your convenience.

Be careful when looking for payday loans that you can get online. Make sure you get information about online payday loan reviews, how payday loans work, fees, and interest rates. The exams provide you with information regarding the qualifications for eligibility.

Make sure you pay your principal on or before the due date. This will help you avoid penalties which can increase the cost of the loan and the APR.

With this information, we believe that you can make better choices on the best online payday loan platforms to borrow money.

If you are still not sure what APR rate for an online payday loan you are applying for, apply to Americash Payday Loans, and they will guide you.


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