Port Finance Raises $ 5.3 Million Strategic Round to Offer Fixed Rate Loans to Solana


Port Finance was the first to launch a floating rate loan product on Solana’s mainnet in July 2021. The platform now supports 13 different assets from the Solana, Ethereum, Terra and Bitcoin networks and previously reached a value total of more than $ 300 million in locked assets. the platform. The cycle is led by Alameda Research with the participation of Spartan Group, Brevan Howard and A41. Port Finance’s list of existing investors also includes Jump Capital, the Solana Foundation, GSR and Defi Alliance.

Fixed rate loans are a huge untapped opportunity in DeFi. In traditional finance, fixed rate credit is 25 times greater than variable rate credit. We expect exponential growth in fixed rate loans in DeFi, ”said GW, co-founder of Port Finance. “Institutional investors have expressed an interest in borrowing US dollars against their token holdings at a fixed interest rate. Port Finance expects to work closely with them as the product matures.

With the latest fundraising, Port Finance will expand its current product offering to include fixed rate loans and interest rate swaps. Port Finance’s latest product, Sundial, went live last week and was the first to offer fixed rate loans on the Solana blockchain from the USDC. “We are delighted to see Port Finance create a fixed rate loan product that leverages Serum’s backlog,” says Alameda Research.

Port Finance has secured more than 30 integrations and partnerships since its launch. He will continue to work with developers within the Solana ecosystem and support integration projects with Port Finance via the new grant for the port ecosystem. Over the next few months, Port Finance will also deploy a governance module with a staking mechanism to further align token holders with the project.

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About port finance

Port Finance is a decentralized money market protocol on Solana, aimed at providing a full range of lending products including, but not limited to: variable rate loans, fixed rate loans and interest rate swaps. ‘interest. The Port Finance team brings engineering experience to technology companies like Google, Facebook and Microsoft, and has already contributed to Solana and Serum. The PORT token is currently traded on FTX, Ascendex, Gate.io, Serum, Raydium and Orca.

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  • Port Finance Raises $ 5.3 Million Strategic Round to Offer Fixed Rate Loans to Solana
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