Cobra Payday Loans, the trading arm and sub-brand of Ready Money Capital Limited provides exceptional financial lending services across the UK


Exeter, UK, December 15, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Obtaining loans and making financial decisions is often a daunting task for many. Some just don’t have enough understanding, some lack the right advice, while others just don’t have the references to borrow. UK-based financial solutions provider Cobra Payday Loans solves all of these issues with ease. The company is actually the trading arm of Ready Money Capital Limited which is a short term financial services platform.

About the company

Cobra Payday Loans Limited is a UK based customer focused financial services provider. It is also the trade name under which Ready Money Capital Limited operates. The sole purpose of these two brands, operating under the same umbrella, is to help people obtain financial loans in a simple, transparent and convenient way. Most importantly, the services are extremely credible, complying with regulatory standards such as FCA and ICO. Interestingly, Cobra Payday Loans does not charge any fees to its customers across the UK.

Simplified loan penalties

Cobra Payday Loans, as the trading name of Ready Money Capital Limited, has the primary purpose of helping clients obtain short term financing. She has worked with credible FCA approved lenders, providing an advanced loan matching service to all of her clients. By using this, people can get their short term loan through just one application form thus removing the hassle of a traditional loan application.

Getting a loan with Cobra Payday Loans is as easy as it gets. Customers can simply apply for the loan by entering basic information like contact details, home address, details of your regular income, regular expenses, etc. The company then transmits this request to its partner lenders. It is important to note that the company has a large pool of partner lenders, and that it transmits customer requests to each of them, thus considerably increasing the chances of the loan being sanctioned while reducing delays. In addition, Cobra Payday Loans ensures that customers do not experience any negative imprint on their credit scores. After the loan application is accepted by one of the lenders, customers are required to sign an agreement, as a result of which the amount is transferred within a day or less.

With such a simple yet effective financial service, Cobra Payday Loans is helping thousands of people in UK, many of whom are in desperate need of loans. In a traditional setup, loan penalties can take months, defeating the goal of a quick financial demand. However, with its fast and reliable short-term financial services, Cobra Payday Loans, working with FCA approved lenders, offers unmatched benefits to UK customers.

End note

One of the main reasons Cobra Payday Loans, as a business arm of Ready Money Capital Limited, has been successful is its customer-centric approach. The company does not charge any fees to its customers while providing reliable, convenient and fast financial services. One could discuss the sustainability of the company itself with such a model at no cost. However, Cobra Payday Loans’ revenue model is aligned with its lenders, rather than its customers, in which each loan approved earns the company a fixed percentage commission from its lenders. In this way, he continues to provide quality services in a mutually beneficial arrangement. To learn more, visit the company’s website and explore a wide range of financial offerings.

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