Chinese man arrested in instant loans app scam fails to cooperate with investigation: Telangana police

HYDERABAD: In the case of online loan applications, police had recently arrested four individuals and among them was a Chinese national, Dennis, originally from Shanghai. Cyberabad Police continued their investigation by questioning Dennis.

Dennis was questioned as police attempted to obtain information on the crooks’ source of money. Dennis remained silent throughout the investigation and did not reveal any source information. He was not at all ready to cooperate.

Police officials shared that Dennis was questioned about the source of money, funds and other information regarding their allies. But Dennis didn’t share anything. For any questions, he kept saying that he had no details about it and had not received any financial information.

He kept his lips tight even when the police tried to get his iPhone passcode. “Since his detention and subsequent arrest, he had not revealed his iPhone password. We suspect that there is a lot of data and information stored in the cell phone and that he holds the key to the illegal microfinance racketeering,” said a senior Cyberabad police officer.

The four accused are now in custody. “The point of inquiry is the source of money that was used to provide loans to applicants. We would like to know if the money was brought into the country from China, Singapore or any other illegal country or business in the country. country,” said a senior police officer.

The police officer further added that many employees of these call centers were in the business of harassing and pressuring borrowers. It was their daily job and they knew it was wrong. The police will take action against these employees.

The investigation is ongoing and the police are now trying to locate all the bank accounts of these illegal companies. Police raided four offices earlier and are now searching all employees, profile and other details of these four call centers.

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