launches instant loans for farmers with no cumulative interest has announced the launch of instant loans for farmers against their stored agricultural produce.

Agricultural loans against stored products, an integrated grain trading platform, announced the launch of instant agricultural loans for farmers. Farmers can use Arya’s digital platform to get a quick loan on their produce stored in Arya’s warehouses.

Arya’s integrated platform uses AI, ML and IoT technologies to turn every bag of agricultural products kept in its warehouse into an electronic scale.’s automated decision engine provides funding against this electronic balance with just a few clicks, helping farmers avoid post-harvest distress sales.

Arya said in a statement that she plans to shell out 1,000 crores through her Insta-Loan product in FY23.

With quick access to finance, smallholder farmers and other value chain actors can meet all liquidity needs. Farmers will thus be able to maximize the value of their agricultural products.

According to a previous RBI survey, only around 40% of Indian farmers were covered by formal loans.’s Insta loan will solve the critical problem of Indian farmers, namely the lack of adequate access to finance.

“The opportunity for agri-tech companies to stimulate the agricultural chain ecosystem in India is huge,” said Chattanathan Devarajan, co-founder of Our goal at is to empower farmers nationwide by increasing the value of their agricultural products. This is made possible through our end-to-end integrated full-stack solution, which includes digitally connected warehouses, integrated finance and trade solutions, all delivered through our technology-driven digital platform. Our newest offering, Insta Loan, aims to provide farmers with full instant access to loans. »

Simple and Practice loan From

  • Simple documentation: All that is required for a loan up to 50 lacs is Aadhaar authentication and a PAN.

  • Quick disbursement: get your loan within 24 hours.

  • They care: their customer service is just a phone call away from solving your problems.

  • There is no cumulative interest: no compounding, pay for exact days

For any request, you can contact them at:

[email protected]

+91 90152 60260

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